Plant disease & Plant pathogens

Plant biotechnology is perceptible in the field of medication interfacing biotechnology and bioinformatics, the subatomic representation of therapeutic plants; subatomic culture; and result from science, nanotechnology, pharmacology, agriculture, biomass, and biofuels as well. Plant tissue culture is the development of the furthest plant cells from an unblemished plant. It relies on maintaining plant tissues under laboratory conditions on an appropriate supplement medium. The mode of life can be supported as a mass of undifferentiated cells for a large territory for a time or recovered in whole plants. The unique strategies used in plant tissue culture. Plant tissue culture is generally used to create clones of a plant in a technique known as miniature proliferation at different stages. Plant biotechnology is the innovation that is used to obtain a current product with high yield and at a faster rate.

  • Source and distribution of pathogens
  • Morphology, Ecology, Genetics and Biochemistry of bacteria
  • Relationships among bacteria on external surfaces
  • Specific bacterial pathogens and the diseases they cause
  • Principles of Diagnosis
  • Pathogenic mechanisms and Host defences
  • Host-parasite relationships

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